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My name is Jack Lefkowitz CMPS. and I am a nationally known, mortgage, debt-reduction Expert. I write a column for Financial Coaching Magazine, here in Brooklyn NY. As you might be able to guess from the "CMPS." I'm the “The First Brooklyn NY Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist”.

But this Report is about YOU, not me. About fixing your financial predicament and digging up fortunes that might be lost forever. About you getting your life back by telling the high-rate big banks and credit card companies to go "stick it." Let me explain how.

So go somewhere quiet, turn off that stupid cell phone, shut off your blackberry emails, go grab your favorite beverage and kick back for 10 minutes. What I have to say is so important you must give it proper attention.

I call your situation "financial prison" because even though we live in the greatest county in the world with the most opportunity, some folks are just not making it!

Consider These Shocking Facts -- Important Reasons to Do Something Different About Your Financial Future Now!

1. The average savings of a retired couple amounts to only $7,000. (Nobody thinks that'll happen to them, but...)

2. On the average, today's working Americans can expect to receive (from Social Security, pensions, etc.) just 37% of the retirement income needed to live comfortably.
(Source: "America's Retirement Crisis: The Search For Solutions)

3. 85% of Americans have a TRUE net worth (paid for assets less all debt and bills) of less than $250!!! (Source: Social Security Administration)

4. The average person works the first 130 days of each year just to pay taxes -- and about another 180+ days just to pay interest on debts and bills. It's October (or later) before he actually keeps a dollar for himself and his family!

5. 92% of the average family's income is spent paying on debts. (If the average family cuts this from 92% just to 85%, they could amass over $500,000 during their working lives -- EXTRA money!

6. Making just the minimum payments on just $4,000 of credit card debt will require almost 42 YEARS to pay it off!!!! (And cost over $14,000!)

7. If the average person just cuts the costs of servicing their debt-load by half and invest the money saved at 8% or 10% annual interest, with some tax-free compounding, they'll create over ONE MILLION DOLLARS CASH for retirement in 25 to 30 years! (Become a Millionaire in your current career without working any more or taking risks just by "re-engineering" your debt!)


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