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Dear Friend,

Because this information is so valuable that I want to get it in the hands of as many people as possible. So, I’m literally giving it away for just $397! >>>

I've run into 373 mistakes over my career of work since 1990. I’ve been there and back as they call it. After realizing all the mistakes that I’ve done, I immediately starting working on correcting them. This has leaded me to create the “Success Income Guidance System™”, which is a step by step guide and handbook that will answer you how to correct these mistakes. It has all the necessary information to help you increase your income.

“I’m going to do something that I probably shouldn’t do”

Let’s be honest…normally when someone has all the secrets and tools how to transform a business, they would not want to release it to anyone. And if someone really wants it, because it’s so value able, they would charge you an arm and leg to get it. Well, I have decided to do something a bit out of character and in my staff’s opinion – just plain foolish. I’m going to give you an opportunity to get the CD’s, DVD’s, toolkit and overheads at a HUGE discount!


Because people are always asking me “Jack how do you do it? How is it that everything you, your private clients and Members of your Coaching Groups touch turns to gold?” Well, I’ll tell you how. I have had tremendous successes and also huge failures but when I look back I found that in my own business and those of my top clients, there are 8 “must do” strategies. Eight strategies that separate the outrageously successful from the businesses that simply “get by” or even worse, fail miserably.

This information is the real deal and if you apply just one of the nuggets of wisdom I reveal in this system…you will most certainly see incredible gains in sales, maximize profits and grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.
The bottom line is…you need to read, hear and apply this stuff!
Think of it as my way of giving you exact strategies you need to get your business pointed in the right direction and aimed for certain success.

Read carefully because I guarantee you that my generosity most certainly won’t happen again.

The Success Income Guidance System includes all of the following:

1. A Complete Manual

A step by step guide of how to increase your income in business

2. The Workbook

  • Sample forms, and tools, to help you in the process of becoming successful
  • Step by step instructions how to incorporate systems and process
  • Resources and contact information

3. Set of 9 CD’s and 1 DVD (Special Bonus! Yiddish Version available!)

9 CD’s explaining the Torah’dige concept of doing business the direction to success

  • You will learn what your business may be unknowingly doing wrong (on a daily basis) and how understanding the Circle of Success Formula will allow you to breakthrough barriers and blow the competition out of the water!
  • WHY the way you are approaching business right now is exactly WHAT KEEPS YOU FROM TRUELY SUCCEEDING, and how to change it.
  • How if you do nothing more than change your personal Believe, you can start doing business like the extraordinarily successful entrepreneurs, marketers and business leaders do…earning you HUGE Paydays!
  • How simply implementing a Process can easily take an even failing business and turn it into a HIGHLY PROFITABLE, continually growing and long lasting powerhouse. (This one may surprise you!)
  • How you won't spend an extra dollar if you won't see in advance what benefit you will have
  • How to DOUBLE your prices and not lose a single customer
  • How to ask the RIGHT QUESTIONS to advance your sale or your position and ensure that work and products are done right.
  • DVD Special! ’10 Million Dollar Secrets to INSTANTLY Transform ANY Business or Sales Career


  • A 1 Hour Free Consultation to analyze your personal situation and help you set up a goal and plan to change it. (this is only for implementers)
  • 1 Month Free Membership in our Exclusive Silver Membership Program, where you will receive access to Members only monthly tele-calls, private one on one consultations, and much more benefits. (Certain qualifications are required. Find out if you qualify)

5. Free Reports and FREE Teleseminars!!!!

  • 8 biggest mistakes that cause you to lose thousands of dollars in earned income and the tools how to correct it
Ready to act send me an email or Call the number below

The Success Income Guidance System™ has helped hundreds of my clients improve their level of income as well as value in the workplace. Now it’s Your Turn!

These formulas have not only helped me in my business, but it transformed many of clients’ businesses where they are now earning millions and are way more value able than they ever were. The same can happen to you!!!

DM from Brooklyn is in the Phone Business. Go to any phone sales person and ask him if they earn $10,000 a month without having to run around begging for sales. YOU WONT! DM knows the secrets and he applies it.

Mrs. Sarah R. runs a High School. Ask any principal if they can sit home while the school system runs better than ever, while taking care of her children. You CANT. Mrs. R. understands the secrets of the Success Income Guidance System and is reaping results from a satisfied boss as well as happy students and parents.

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Like I said before…YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS STUFF! Your business NEEDS this stuff and you would be just plain silly if you didn’t take me up on this very generous offer…

I can just read your mind…. $397 is a great price how do I know if this works for me, I am different, my company is different, and my position is different… Send me via email if you had this thought in your mind I will email you my Iron Clad Guaranty that will prove you how confidence I am that it will work for you. (click on top of the page contact us)

The Choice Is Yours…

You can continue to struggle to get ahead and keep on whining about the competition OR you can learn from those of us who have gone against the grain and busted all barriers to stand alone as the TOP PRODUCERS in our industry, niche or marketplace. This letter could just be the “last straw on the camel’s back” that finally woke you into the money-making stratosphere… or it could do nothing more than let you continue sleeping in your problems.” It’s up to you.

I ask for one thing though…be sure to send me your success story (and you’re going to have one) of how these 8 Million Dollar Marketing Secrets skyrocket your sales and multiply your profits.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dedicated To Your Success,

Jack Lefkowitz, CMPS, DBSG, LME, WCS

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 The Success Income Guidance System

English Version

8 CDs + 1 DVD + Manual + Workbook
English Version
Just $397


 The Success Income Guidance System

Yiddish Version

8 CDs + 1 DVD + Manual + Workbook
Yiddish Version
Just $397


8 Million Dollar Marketing Secrets To INSTANTLY Transform
ANY Business,  Sales Career, or position

CD’s +DVDs + Workbook+ Manual =

For ONLY $997.00 $397.00

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English Version


    Also Available In Yiddish


    For ONLY $997.00 $397.00

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