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A Message from Jack Lefkowitz, you can get via email some of the below testimoniald, that was said live by the client on one of the tele- Seminars or Live events, by sending us a Text, WhatsApp or Telegram to 718.302.2222


Yes you can do the same Sruly Barber did...

Hi! My name is Sruly Barber from Linden NJ. I BH got in touch with Jack Lefkowitz in 2018, after struggling in my sales career for a couple of years.

I followed the circle of success, and with his help I got into a professional real estate brokerage company with a highly skilled team, and  started growing there on and on BH.

I can testify that in 2018 I BH earned much more than I expected, and in 2019 I multiplied that income by %250!!! I got out from my financial crisis and bought my own house BH!!!

I still keep in touch with Jack to plan  future growth and achieve larger goals with success!!!

I would highly recommend anyone looking to successfully achieve goals, to reach out to Jack and follow his method for ongoing success!!!


Your Certified Mortagage Planner Jack Lefkowitz has one Goal

Thank you hashem for all you keep on doing to me! Especially now that for a few years ago I first met Jack Lefkowitz.

Jack, I have to tell you that you were the one who made our dream come to reality. We didn't think that we will pay our own mortgage in this early age & stage in life... I must tell you that we really appreciate all your help in all subjects since the first day we've met. First of all, you set my perspective on buying a home that it's not that far from reality how many ppl out there might think.
You worked out for us a very detailed plan how and on what price range we can search for a house and provided us with very good tools for that. Your clear answers to all our questions along the entire process, your clear advice on each deal we have considered, and even helped us out with our search with an endless amount of patience as if we were your only client. Then, when wer  finally found our home, how you cared for us with every detail along the way explaining exactly what's all about in a mortgage, binder, contract, attorney, credit, down payment, closing costs, rate costs, how/when to lock the rate, and what not.

Your endless amount of patience is incredible! Your honest opinion of what we can really afford and not pushing us to something which would be out of our budget. The list is endless.... Thank you so much!

Jack, let me tell you our experience with you in one word "YOUR PASSION TO REALLY HELP ANOTHER PERSON IS GREATER THAN TO MONEY" so whatever ppl would do for money you would do just to help another person.....r With full appreciation,r

The Kellner family


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I Doubled my Price for my services and didn't lose a sale, all thanks to listening to Jack Lefkowitz's telecall

I am taking this opportunity to thank you for inviting me to your Circle of Success Tellecall; it was packed with loads of valuable tips, strategies, and great advice for all of us. While my ears were listening, my eyes seeing a lot of great opportunities for a great future success.

Once I started implementing you how-to-do steps into my business, my customers respond quickly to my offers. I was able to Double the price for my services without losing a single sale. And at the same time increased my productivity by three times the amount I use to produce. Above all, you always encourage your listeners to implement your ideas in their business asap, so they save thousands of dollars in their business, through powerful, proven methods.

Thanks for delivering more than you promised

Meyer from Williamsburg, Brooklyn

I really enjoyed the call last night, it was practical enough, that  I was able to implement some ideas still last night and I feel the  difference today at work already. I was able to accomplish much more and  with peace of mind. Its really wonderful. Thanks again for your time and

R. Sofer, Williamsburg

Excerpts from people sharing their experiences on telecalls...

Yosef, From Monsey NY

LIVE TESTIMONIAL ON CD available upon request

Before meeting Jack, we were creating more liability every month, people  were telling me that its ok because of the recession. This lead me to  believe that its okay to earn less because of the recession. I then got to  listen to Jack live at the Darchei Chaim event in Monsey and I started dismissing the recession excuse, and to start working a little harder.

Then  I got to listen to Jack's 10 CD package. I discovered secrets on how to approach clients properly, how to deal with staff so they listen and  produce, how to implement a process on every step in the business for  optimal production. I was able to implement those changes immediately, and  we doubled our income with these changes.

We then joined Jack's inner  Circle membership, since I saw that this is yielding results and wanted  more. We are very happy and see changes.

Every meeting with Jack is worth thousands to our business.

Nuchem, Monsey NY

The first time I met Jack was by the Darchei Chaim Event in Monsey in 2009 . He 

discovered for me ideas and concepts that I never knew before. One of the  greatest things I learned from him was time management. I went from doing 12 hour meetings down to 1 hour. I also learned about training and knowledge; this is also the reason why I joined his Inner Circle Membership.

I have gained so much knowledge and I have become very successful thanks to all the new ideas that I learned from him.

David Meisels, Phone System Expert, Brooklyn NY

Listen To David:

Before I met Jack, I have been spending thousands of dollars for advertising. After I met Jack, and we went over the entire Circle of Success, Especially the Goal and Plan. Jack helped me so I should be able to follow a step by step plan for a specific project. I was B"H amazed and  was very successful. I made double the money than I earned on the same  project a year before, and I only spent a fraction of the price for the  advertising. Being an Inner Circle Member is helping me save thousands and  earn more than I ever did before.
Thank you! 

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